Saturday, February 26, 2011

Moment of Zen: NYC apartments are built the right way.

I still can't believe the price for an apartment in New York City. A friend of mine I'm visiting is paying $1,200 a month of a studio apartment. It's a little bit bigger than my living room back in Philly. It's about 400 sq. feet, and it used to be the landlord's living room. So she is paying $1,200 a month for a living room. As I sit here and look around the room I realize that, this is all you need. Minimalism at it's finest.

It doesn't have a kitchen, but she has a table with an electric stove top burner, a mini fridge, a shelf to store food, and a mircowave. No more washing 4 or 5 pots because there is only one burner, so you really can't cook a full on buffet. Just cut up a bunch of stuff and throw it all into one pan and you got yourself a meal. As an avid cook I would LOVE to have a huge kitchen with all the assorted gadgets, and pots and pans but, really, this is all you need. A burner, a pot, and a place to store food. Everything else about it is just amazingly minimal too.

With this studio she can wake up and already be in her "office" on her computer. It's all here, everything you could actually need in an apartment. A bed, a table, closet, dresser and all the kitchen stuff I already mentioned. Everything is placed in the right way where the place doesn't look too cramped but every necessity is here.

If she didn't have a short term lease on the place I'd help her make this place seem even bigger. The ceiling are quite high so you could even make the room a double decker (think bunk beds but other things at the bottom like a table with a computer) and basically do everything in half the space it is in now. It would be an amazing project, and a lot of people in NYC should be doing it. And that ladies and gentlemen is my moment of zen I've found in the chaos of New York City.

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