Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Maybe it's time to minimize

After working at a movie store of 2 years I somehow seemed to amassed very close to 400 movies. That is a lot of movies. I never seemed to care until I wasn't at that job anymore and realized that I really didn't need all of these movies. Up until recently I've been in love with my movie collection. Now I'm just annoyed by them. I have a rack that holds about 180 movies then plus two HUGE piles of movies that seriously never get watched. They're taking up much needed room from my apartment that can be used for something else. The goal now? To  have just that rack of movies and nothing else. It's condescending 101, and it's hard. I want to have the movies that I love to death still in my collection and the rest that I just kind of bought because I thought the movie was ok and it was cheap. I've spent a lot of money on these movies (probably close to $2,000 if not more), and I know once I trade them in I won't get anywhere close to that but I am ok with that now. I just want the space. Why all of sudden the big change? Well one of my roommates has Netflix, so whenever I want to watch a movie I turn on the Xbox and there is a couple hundred movies at my fingertips and that is all I really need. I am keeping just the movies that I absoultey love and that is it. I haven't bought a movie in 6 months and I don't plan on buying another one for a very long time. It saves me a lot of money. So much so is that movies were the #1 thing I bought last year minus rent and food. That is crazy to think now but then it didn't matter that I was dropping money like a sailor curses. I've finally got my ish together and my budget is working rather well where this month ONE paycheck paid ALL of my expenses for the month. I have 2 more checks coming in this month which is crazy to think that I have 2 whole paychecks to myself if I wanted but I'm hopefully killing two of my loans by the end of the year so everything extra is going straight to them. It feels good man, real good.

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